India vs ISIS and Hindurashtrawad

In past two days, I saw two different documentaries on You Tube. Being honest both were suggested by my roommate – Tejender. Both were very different in every aspects. One was produced by VISE Magazine and Website another one by Discovery India. Both were same in only one aspect and that can be explained in only one sentence, “Facts are stranger than fiction”

Let me talk about both separately.

1). VISE news presents View in the IS (Islamic State)

Team of the channel reaches in the most affected area by ISIS of Iran and tries to capture some movement driven by IS Leaders and people in the cities.
Leaders believe that power comes from the nozzle of the gun! No one is allowed to go beyond the rules of Islam stated in Holy Quran and represented (I should say, extremely mis-represented) by the leader of IS Movement. Tanks are running on the streets. For a minute you will forget the Fast&Furius movies while watching those clips. They’ve succeed to acquire missiles and trying to get nuclear weapons. They have plenty of AK47s, Anti-Aircraft Guns, Mines, Grenades, and Man-Money-Mussel Power. Patrolling officers of IS keeps wondering in all the streets of city and suggests people what to do and what not to.
They’ve succeeded to manipulate children’s minds and convincing them that they were going to be soldiers of Allah! An eight years old claims that he knows how to handle AK47. Some teenager was trying to shoot down US Military Aircraft. A bunch of boys are drifting the tanks as cars shown in Tokyo Drift movie. One old age person was motivating his child to reply from the question what do you want to be when you get older, and he replies that he wanted to be Jihadi. The new generation of terrorists is going to be far more powerful than current.
I personally encourage every person in the world to watch this documentary.

2). Discovery India presents Reviled: world’s largest elections (elections 2014)

                The festival of democracy, holier than Diwali, Christmas or Ramzan, celebrated by 834 million voters, in world’s largest democracy. No one is differentiated, no one is separated. Every Indian gains his right to vote by birth. I separate body say election commission organizes this general election in six months to choose the leaders of the nation. It is the largest event organized by men kind on the planet.
Ladakh is one of the highest place where people live in the world. Some of the town has only 30 eligible voters and most of them are illiterate. They are not even aware of all election movements throughout the nation but officers of election commission always reach there with help of Indian Army to bring democracy to them. Three states say Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are most affected stats by money power and states police with help of army put highest level of vigilance to stop “Vote brokers’” movements. Varanasi is the most religion sensitive city in the India where army and police put their all the efforts in roll of peace keepers.
All the celebration goes in basically three dimensions

  • To recognize the eligible voters, i.e. older than 18.
  • To encourage them to vote
  • To keep the elections democratic in every aspect

The commission recruits thousands of people on temporary basis and train them how to fill forms of voter ID card, how to handle the voting center and EVMs. These people go door to door for recognizing each and every voter and encourage them personally to vote.

Encouragement doesn’t stops just there. Millions of youngsters encourage the general public to vote by rallies, street plays, advertisements and popular celebrities also promote the voters. They convince them that voting is not only their right but also is a duty.

To keep the election democratic, Election Commission publishes a court of conduct. Hundreds of election workers observe every news channels, listens every broadcast on radios, read every line of every newspaper published on daily basis and if anything beyond the Court of Conduct happens they report to the commission and strict steps will be taken against the responsible entities. Moreover every candidate is enforced to keep a daily account of expenses made by him and register that with election commission every month. Election Commission possesses the power to cancel the ticket of candidate ant time.

I personally recommend to every person on the earth to watch this documentary. India has the potential to teach the world what is democracy.

What I say…
                Above were the descriptions of two documentaries. Why I described all this things here? To describe the difference between Absolutism and Democracy (say तानाशाही और लोकशाही). India never can be a religious nation. In 1947, two men dream for two religious nation Nathuram Goddsey and Mohammad Ali Zinha. India lost Mahatma an angel of peace (Mahatma Gandhi) and Pakistan lost the peace itself forever. Do we want to lose more? Can we afford to lose more? Do we have to choose between Islamic Stat and Hindu Rastra? How hard the message of live and let live, is?

We have to be neutral, for the sake of peace, for the sake of growth, for the sake of democracy. Are we ready to take a long step towards the secularism?

And you know, burning questions of unsolved religious issue are really not so much difficult to solve, the Dushashnas to Mother India do not let them be solved. If someone asks me to solve Ram Temple vs Babaree Mosque issue, I would say get a Bulldozer, run it over all the building and make a world-class sport stadium over there, where we will train our players not considering their religion, cast or gender. Seeing the results in Rio, we really need this.


Justice unclaimed

This is one of the disturbing stories of Mahabharata. The Author has tried his best to perform a proper churning of the story. Readers are always welcome to add more.

Does Mahabharat talk about justice? I don’t think justice is much emphasized in Indian philosophy. Indian philosophy talks about consequences (कर्मफल) much more that about justice (न्याय).

The story of three sisters would help exemplifying the above argument.  But before the story is narrated few assumptions must be kept in mind.

  • Justice delayed is justice denied
  • Enforced sex, without the consent of any one of the party, is rape; person without consent to be described the victim and the person or people forcing to be called rapists. Having said that for one such crime there can be multiple rapists but only one victim. If there are more than one victims, the crime is itself is performed more than once by the same rapist(s)


Amba, Ambika and Ambalika; daughters of Kashya, the king of Kashi were abducted by Bhishma. Reason behind was Bhishma stepbrother was not able to do it by himself, he was not even able to beat the other princes in Swayamvar at Kashi from where the princesses were abducted. Bhishma himself was bound by the vow of celibacy and was not going to merry either of them but he abducts all of them for the unworthy prince of Hastinapur.

All three of them feeling pride in their hearts thinking Bhishma was going to break his vow for them and also fear because of all the abductions had made their peace on the way thinking at least Bhishma was going to take them as brides. But to their surprise they are enforced to wed the less worthy brother named Vichitravirya.

The eldest sister refuses to marry Vichitravirya confessing that her heart belongs to Shalva, the king of Saubala. Bhishma then apologizes to her and escorts her to kingdom of Saubala but the king rejects her suggesting he cannot accept her to be his wife as she was won to be married to another king.

Amba returns to Hastinapur and asks to be wedded to Vichitravirya but he (the non-deserving and unworthy of any of the three sisters) refuses to take her as his bride as she had declared her love to another man.

At the end Amba asks Bhishma to take her as his wife as he was the one who had caused all this trouble for her and he should be a man enough to provide her the status that she deserves, a lady in Hastinapur and wife of the great Bhishma. But even Bhishma refuses to marry her as he had taken the vow of celibacy.

Rejected from everyone she reaches to sage Parshurama seeking vengeance (प्रतिशोध​). Sage Parshurama, who was the Guru of Bhishma and also an eternal foe of all the Kshatriyas assure her to destroy Bhishma, along with his pride. The battle between Parshurama and Bhishma lasted 23 days on the holy land of Kurukshetra where winner get the glory and the defeated gets to go to Swarga provided both the warriors believed in what they were doing and stood for their believes. As on the 24th day, because of un-resulting battle, the fight was called draw and nobody got none of them.

When Parshurama described the events of Kurukshetra to Amba, angry she decided to seek her vengeance by herself. After twelve long years of asceticism and thousands of miles of journeys to holy places Shiva boons her, as per her wish, death and rebirth as a man who in turn will hunt down Bhishma and kill him for his deeds. Blessed by Shiva, Amba dies and years later when Drupad, the king of Panchal performed a Yagna (यज्ञ). He used to perform a lot of यज्ञ therefore he was called यज्ञसेन, His daughter Draupadi’s another name was याज्ञसेनी) Shiva granted him a Child which was born as a girl but to be turn into a boy with time. Shi was called Shikhandini, after her transformation Shikhandi.

In the grate war of Mahabharat when on the 10th day Arjun rode on the chariot driven by Shikhandi, Bhishma lays down his weapons as he had vowed never to a weapon on a woman or the man who used to be a woman.

Arjuna pierced Bhishma’s body with arrows and Bhishma dies a painful death. Amba’s vengeance was achieved and Shikhandi became the cause of it.


Before we move to another part of story let’s do a quick churning (मंथन​) of above story. Readers must have noticed that use of term justice is deliberately avoided in above story. Because of two reasons.

  1. At the end when Bhishma dies, how much time did it actually took for the so called justice to be delivered? Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara was pregnant with Parikshit when the Great War was being fought which was 5th generation after Bhishma. Four generations of Kuru clan was passed and the woman had to die and be reborn in order to seek vengeance. Death of Bhishma can never be described as Justice to Amba since according to the first assumption, Justice delayed is justice denied.
  2. Was killing of Bhishma for the sole purpose of justice to Amba? No. The main reason that Bhishma had die was for the victory of Pandavas. Therefore justice was not done to Amba, it was just the voracious act of Arjuna as one step further toward the victory.

Now let’s move on to the other side of the story. What happened to the other two sisters?


The other two sisters were forcefully wedded to the less worthy king, stepbrother of Bhishma, Vichitravirya. He was for his health issues died young and could not conceive a child to succeed. As there was no successor, Bhishma and his stepmother, Satyavati (Mother of Vichitravirya also known as Yojangandha) opts for the act of Niyog to get a rightful successor for the throne of Hastinapur.

Niyog is the act of conceiving a child with means of ‘sex without lust or love’. In the age of Mahabharat the son of queen was as much of the rightful hire to the thrones as the son of king. It does not matter even if the son was conceived before the marriage of King and Queen. This son need not be conceived with act f Niyog ether, having said that he could be conceived with act of love or act of lust. Three generation later Krishna and Kunti tries to lure Karna to fight from Pandava camp with same logic. He was Krishna who suggested that Karna, being the eldest among the sons of Kunti and Madri, will the King of Hastinapur if Pandavas win the war.

All of the Pandava including Karna are conceived by the act of Niyog with various Devas. So it does not raise many eyebrows when Bhishma and Satyavati decided to perform the act of Niyog over the two sisters.

Satyavati confessed in front of Bhishma that she have had a child with Sage Parashar (Grandson of Sage Vashishtha, who is one of the Sapt-rishi) named Vyasa (Also known as Krishnadvaipayan Vyasa). Bhishma was happily surprised having heard of another stepbrother who could help him take the Kuru clan further and he summons Vyasa to Hastinapur and requested him to conceive the act of Niyog with second sister named Ambika in order to have a Child. With request of Bhishma and instruction of mother Satyavati, Vyasa agreed to do the act of Niyog. But when he entered the room of Ambika, she was frightened by the looks of this man who have been living in a forest for all his life. With fear in hart she closes her eyes so hard that the child that was conceived could never develop eyes when it was an embryo. This blind child was called Dhritrashtra. Bhishma and Satyavati were happy to have a successor but they figured that the King should not be blind. Therefore Bhishma again summons Vyasa to perform the act of Niyog on the third sister, Ambalika. Ambalika, seeing the man of forest, was so scared that her heart kept skipping bits while entire act and her body actually turned yellow. The child that was conceived was born with yellowish skin and was named Pandu. He looked healthy but Bhishma and Satyavati again figured that the child just looks healthy but actually isn’t. They again summoned Vyasa to perform the Act of Niyog on second sister called Ambika. But this time Ambika sends a maid (दासी) into the room with Vyasa. Thinking that she will get to conceive a hire to the throne of Hastinapur and a son of grate sage, she joyfully agreed to perform the Niyog and conceived a Child named Vidura. But Bhishma and Satyavati figured that Vyasa is not a King nor the maid is a Queen, therefore the son of them cannot be a rightful hire to Kuru Dynasty. And Vidura, a son of maid (दासीपुत्र) never made it to the throne.


Let’s do the churning (मंथन) again.

What was the differences among son conceived by Satyavati with Sage Parashar (Vyasa); Sons conceived by Kunti and Madri with Surya, Yama, Pavan, Indra and Ashvini Twins and the Sons conceived by Ambika and Ambalika with Vyasa?

  1. Son of Satyavati was resulted by act of love, in which Sage Parashar convinced Satyavati to carry his child with art of seduction.
  2. Sons of Kunti and Madri was conceived by act of Niyog, in which the sole purpose was conceiving children without love or lust.
  3. Sons of Amba and Ambika were conceived by act of rape, in which the sex was enforced over Amba and Ambika without consent of none of them.

They were Bhishma and Satyavati who decided that children will be considered but consent of Amba or Ambika was not taken. Both the sister were clearly frighten to their sole that defected children were born. According to our second assumption, the enforced sex is defined as rape. Bhishma, Satyavati and Vyasa (people who enforced) are to be called rapists and Ambika and Ambalika (People on whom it was enforced) to be called victims.

Now the question arises what happened to both these sisters? Well, the Narrator of Mahabharat himself, being one of the rapist we never knew the answer of this question.

If Mahabharata emphasizes so much on law of Karma and Consequences (कर्मफल) why Satyavati and Vyasa never met with their कर्मफल?

And if the law of Karma is not so accurate, shouldn’t justice (न्याय) be emphasized more? But just as the modern mindset of ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ stands still we should keep one another lesion in mind, and that is ‘Justice unclaimed is Justice undeserved’.

The law of Karma is more accurate as sooner or later, the performer (कर्ता) will face the consequences (We couldn’t identify what happened to Vyasa and Satyavati, as the narrator chose not to describe it. But it is assured by the God himself that the consequences shall follow).

However the law of Justice follows the act of claim. Justice will be served who claims it.

Reader be aware that when we do the churning, it is not necessary that we get the elixir of life all the time. Sometimes we get Poison also. After the first churning we have got poison. Let’s keep churning wishing one day we shall too receive the elixir of life.

Jai Shree Krishna.

Challenges they may face on Mars

At the end of the day the voyagers must know that the time that have can be spent in two manners- 1) We either die a little bit every moment or 2) We live a little bit every moment.

To the Mars.jpg

This article is written as a comment on a Facebook post that was posted by Prof. Vasyl Taras, who introduced Project X-Culture.  A token of gratitude to Prof. Taras for sharing such a thoughtful topic to write about. The link to that post is here.>

So NASA is trying to colonize the Mars. I guess as big scientific and technical project this is, it is also a social project in itself. Human kind have succeed to evolve as a social species on this planet but we have failed as a society over and over again. Slavery, racism, WWI and WWII are the glaring examples of our failure. Also note, that these were caused because of social problems. We don’t want ‘Mars Wars’ (like world wars) on that planet after 1000 years of its colonization, do we?

To stop that we must do it right at the first time, from the very beginning.

We must understand that peace on Mars in the future can be maintained only by people on earth in the present. NASA or whichever institute trying to colonizing the Mars should make this project as inclusive as they can. Of course they will try and send people representing as many race as they can. But doing so may cause some initial problems like Seniority fluid or Groupism. Readers please be assured that the writer is not raising this concern from the lessons learnt from reality shows like ‘Big Boss’ (because he does not watch them :P).

Human brain is very unpredictable. We get inspiration from not only what goes around us but also inside us. We can’t regulate every single brain that goes to the Mars. We can’t even regulate one. Also in different atmosphere (oh yeah, I know they are gonna stimulate an Earthly atmosphere over there but it’s not the same), different food, different sun-light exposure, different gravity our body will work differently. So it is even hard to predict what will happen when we send some humans over there. (Our bodies will definitely won’t go ‘John Carter’, but ‘The Martian’ had some real deal!)

Humans as a Social Animal has basically six flaws (1) Anger (2) Jealousy (3) Greed (4) Lust (5) Arrogance (6) Attachment.

Sometimes one of these, some of these or all of these flaws take over the mind. People do overcome such flaws but every single human has her/his own way and time limits to overcome these feelings. NASA should choose the team members who takes minimum time to take over these. No one can expect that the team members will never face these emotions for their entire life. So we better hope that they take minimum time to recover themselves from it.

The level of empathy in all the team members should be just right. Empathy is the ability feel emotions of other without experiencing them. Why just right? Because they may fall seek physically or mentally. The other team members should understand the pain of that sickness just as much as they be inspired to help them. Low empathy may make them leave the member behind, more of it may make them feel the same way, exposing the team to more weakness. Also empathy helps enjoying others’ achievements which is like cure to jealousy, which brings me to my next point.

Everything that they do over there, is gonna be first time any human have ever done. Anywhere they go, whatever they see, however they experience the Mars. It will the first time ever. So obviously their entire lives are gonna be ‘the History of Firsts’! Also all of them are going to be selected by rigorous selection process and it will not be a news that all the team members are going to be highly competitive human beings. Now on the Mars, no discovery should be more or less important than other. But some day someone somehow is gonna feel that he/she is less of an achiever than others. This feeling is the start of the jealousy. Every member must, not only understand but realize that whatever they achieve there is result of a team effort and not a result of any favoritism or luck or being at the right-place-at-the-right-time kind of things.

Greed is the tricky one. Unlike anger or lust, we can’t spot this right at the beginning. For people in general, it is very difficult to differentiate between greed and ambition. Ambitions can lead to achievements, Greed on the other hand leads to arrogance which comes right before the fall.

I am avoiding to write about lust and attachment because ‘lust’ is so easy to spot and NASA will never send someone with this flaw. Since they are already leaving their beloved planet earth forever so nothing to say about attachment either.

At the end of the day the voyagers must know that the time that we have, can be spent in two manners- 1) We either die a little bit every moment or 2) We live a little bit every moment.

All these problems that I tried to discuss are personal problems. They will face some issues as a team. Such being outsiders from like 7 billion other people. Or they may start feeling home-sickness. As they are colonizing the Mars, we can and should expect new members in their colony. As a scientist and a team member, every person on Mars they will have certain priorities. But as parents their priorities may change. We will have to think how the new Martians shall be raised and what (and whether) the Martian parents will do in upbringing of the Martian kids. Things like math and science is easy to teach but liquid subjects like social studies or humanities will definitely gonna be a challenge as there will be no first hand example of issues like poverty or income difference on the red planet. And these are the topic that makes us the people that we are today.

Team may start feeling like prisoners over there and fall in to depression. Knowing that there is no turning back will become terrible if they start feeling like this.

This article does not look like it is gonna end soon. So I am putting a hold over here. Readers are always welcome to keep the discussion on in the comment section. Writer will try to find new perspectives to write about this topic.

Cure to poverty: Once and for all

You want more pie, don’t fight for bigger piece of pie. Try making the pie bigger. That is the way of ultra-modern capitalism. A core capitalist system with soul of a socialist.

Cure to poverty.jpg

Here is a story of bunch of commerce students. They wanted a job with world-class lifestyle and Global exposure. But when they are on interview table, in front of HR, they don’t wanna make falsified claims of their problem solving attitude. They want to prove it. They wanted to solve a real problem. Harder the better. They did not have to think much regarding what problem. Poverty was the clear choice.

Being commerce students they have been studying poverty for almost 8 years. They knew cause and effects of poverty. The zillion-loads of money, all the 5-year plans, state level and center level schemes; the amount of efforts, human hours, planning and executions that have been taken place and why, besides all of these, poverty stands still in the nation. They know all of that but up-till now it was a 15-marks question for them, nothing much.

So bunch of students against this age old tragedy. Sounds like a Punch-Tantra tale of Vishnu Sharma. But readers be assured that every word is pure truth.

And here is a ‘+point’ of our tedious examination system. We are trained to believe that even if we don’t get the answer we could always get numbers for steps. 😛 Due to that, they were hardly scared of failure anyway!

So here is the approach they took.

  • Find a poor person. Tell her what service/product she could produce. Invest boot-strapped money to buy necessary equipments.
  • Create a stimulated demand by becoming initial consumers and gradually write off the money that they had invested, in form of consumption of that particular product or service.
  • When outsiders see a business and a good amount of ‘sales’ (not-income), they starts buying the same product/service from her.
  • The stimulated demand becomes the real demand.
  • Students move on to another person and do the same.

Let me exemplify the same. They were like a group of sevenstudents at the very beginning. They found out a guy who wanted to start a tiffin service business. They gathered money from wherever they could and bought seven tiffin-boxes and arranged a food-selling license for his wife. It took like Rs. 4800. Then they asked him to provide food to these sevenstudents and recommended their friends to the same guy.

The Guy is charging Rs. 50/tiffin. But these sevenstudents did not pay until the amount that they invested was gradually written off. Initially they were mere consumers of the food. After getting 96 tiffins (96 tiffins x Rs. 50  = Rs.4800), they had extracted the initial investment. After this, they too became customers.

It took 3 months for Deepak and his family to reach thresh-hold of 50 tiffins per day. These students pulled this family over the poverty line, once and for all.

Deepak, because of these students, is never going back to below under poverty line. Tremendous job, people!

Even after all these they do not try and show pretentious smugness of their ‘vision’ and ‘mission’ from the beginning and same-old stuffs. They have done this under college ENACTUS project. You will still find them saying that may be this will get them in to a multi-national corporation!

I have been in Delhi for almost 4 years, in 3 of which I was in college. I have seen student-rallies in front of colleges and government offices regarding hostel, rent control act, subsidized food, metro passes with extra discount and much more. These seven students solved the ‘Food’ problem for themselves, poverty for Deepak, and not just for their college-life but forever. They laugh out on those who shout out with no reason. (Do visit ‘Asking what is not ours‘ for views on this phenomenon)

Country is already facing many problems. Under-developed are waiting for water, electricity, health and education; Soldiers are waiting for OROP, Hospitalized are waiting for medicines, Rape victims are waiting for justice. Shame on those who shout out for discount in metro passes. Solve your problem by being rich not by pretending to be poor.

Make an invention, better way of doing something, set up a system that serves many; before raising your hand, try offering it to someone. You want more pie, don’t fight for bigger piece. Try cooking a bigger pie.

This is the way of ultra-modern capitalism. A core capitalist system with soul of a socialist. A system that is going to be based on neither corporates nor governments but on social enterprises. The profit making institutes to solve social problems.

I am going to tag all these students (see links below) in this post who believes that poverty can be solved. And people can actually be pulled above the poverty line. ‘One at a time but Once and for all’!

Karan, Ravi, Wasi, Nitin, Shubham, Tushar

(P.S. : Writer takes pride to be part of this team)

Hows and Whys of Demonetization

Hey Guys,
I just had a day long conversation with my elder brother. And I believe it would be interesting for you as well. Feel free to enter in the conversation at any point of time. You are most welcome to litterly bust any/all the comments given below.
I believe it would be more interesting if it is in Q&A format so here it goes.So here it goes…


  1. Currency changes happen after long intervals, so counterfeiting of the new notes will take place even before you know it
  2. Denomination of 2000 makes no sense when people don’t have a chance to give u back
  3. Money hoarding will start again, this isn’t a permanent solution.
  4. IT and income tax dept. could have been used to devise measures to detect the ones with illegally hoarded money
  5. Pub sec banks needed money desperately, due to the NPAs & now people have infused money to em ,and this will be partially used to give more loans to those who already are responsible for NPAs
  6. 500 and 1000 made 86% of the circulating money, and the govt did not put the smaller denominations in banks and ATMs beforehand
  7. People have already devised so many ways of turning their black notes into white, and I don’t really think that all the reports would be assessed by the income tax dept. that banks will send
  8. Are u really wanting to tell me that BJP MPs don’t have black money? Lmao, they changed em already
  9. Elections in Panjab, UP and Uttarakhand will be in Feb, election commission will be issuing model code of conduct soon after which the parties will come under its scrutiny fully, that leaves December & January as peak time for converted promotion of parties, no if all other parties won’t be having any money (since most of the funding is black), how will they do promotion … That leaves only BJP with money for promotion in the new denominations
  10. Black money is not kept at homes as such, it’s invested.
  11. If farmers don’t sow the seeds for Rabi crop till 22november they won’t be able to, and the season will be wasted, even the govt shops aren’t giving em seeds and fertilizers in exchange of the old notes.
  12. Laborers aren’t getting work or payment and same for smaller businesses
  13. The hoarding will start again after the economy starts to recover…While already there has been huge losses in the market
  14. THERE COULD’VE BEEN A WELL PLANNED STRATEGY FOR THIS THING , AS MUCH I’VE READ , demonetization is done in inflation or economic crisis with stipulated measures for a long term effect , but this hasn’t been done here, leading to sheer inconveniences and losses of even legally earned money…

I didn’t have very much time to actually think about this entire issue. So I am not in the situation where I could dispose every single point. Also, it would be highly rude of me to think that every single point is disposable. But let me try and reply the points I have been thinking of…

Don’t worry bro
I don’t mind if you sound rude
My only advice is.. Just sound like How Nirav can . . .

Thanks for the open invitation. I will try my best


  1. Please keep in mind that Demonetization is not to stop the counterfeiting, it is rather about stopping the counterfeited amount of money that is already in circulation. Now that we have put an end to all the 500-1000 denomination, all currency is stopped from circulation including the fake notes. So let’s be advised that it is a damage control step.
  2. The denomination of 2000 makes perfect sense. And here is how.
    If new notes of 1000 were introduced instead of 2000 denomination. Suppose Mr. X has Rs. 40,000 and the government put no limits on deposits. Mr. X has Rs. 10,000 white rest is Black Money. So he deposits 10,000 keeping rest with himself. Now there is a limit on Withdrawal, i.e Rs 4000. What Mr. X will do is get 4 new notes of 1000 denomination from one bank and will deposit 4 old notes of 1000 in his bank account from another branch. When we fill the sleep of deposition of the amount we write 4 x 1000. Nothing else. This Rs. 4000 could be accounted (new notes) or unaccounted (old notes). There is no way to actualize what they were. When IT department examines his bank statement all they will see is Debit and Credit entries of Rs. 4000 and nothing else. When they ask banks whether they were old or new bank will have no answers. When they interrogate Mr. X, he will just say ‘My money, I do whatever I wanna do with it!’ and in less than 10 days all his Rs. 4000 will turn into a new currency. However it will not turn into white money, but Mr. X will get his way out of the system. Let’s put a thought here, if Kejriwal is so against black money why is he obsessed with proving Rs.2000 denomination is wrong? I don’t think he can’t understand the accounting behind this step after being in IRS for 5 long years.
  3. Yes, it is not a permanent solution but it is most constructive so far. A permanent solution would be taking the entire money circulation by banking by means of debit-credit cards and net banking. What I want to say is let’s hope for the most when we can’t hope for the best.
  4. IT department indeed could have been used to measure the illegally hoarded money. But people already aligning Modi for corruption in this whole scheme. Do you actually think a movement covering an entire department would be successful?
  5. I mean it is not education where we tried ‘School Chale Hum’ movement in the association of Human Resources ministry or cleanliness where we try ‘Clean India’ movement or ‘Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan’ in association of Health department. Finance and Accounting are sensitive fields. Taking an entire department in association may create the movement an epicenter of corruption by itself.So
    Modi did not just demonetized the economy but also decentralized the scheme. Kudos!
  6. It is indeed correct. No comments for that. But yes with no mortgage there will be no money. Remember the cartoon film about how money works? Please see youtube link of the documentary here <Money as Debt>
  7. Fault of Modi. They should have, and they could have, put more smaller-denomination notes in the circulation before taking such a drastic step.
  8. I am not sure what device people are using for turning black money into white in the current situation. Please be more specific. So we can have an actual discussion rather than a ‘News Hour’ Debate.
  9. 100% agreed. There is something going on with BJP MPs as well. But I think Modi still needs a majority in parliament for 7 more years to modify India. Just remember he formed an NDA government when he could have formed a BJP government. I don’t think more explanation requires.
  10. Election strategy! Hell yeah! He is as much of politician as he is a patriot. <Please read ‘The Modi Effect’ by Lance Prince. <Click here for the Google link The Modi Effect: Inside Narendra Modi’s campaign to transform India>
  11. Agreed. It is invested. And most probably this investment was created taking benefits from small person. I.e if Mr. X wants to buy Gold for investing his black money he wouldn’t buy gold from Kalyan Jewelers, he would buy it from smaller goldsmith. Or he would invest money in small trusts or keep it with Sharafs rather than Mahindra finance. But let’s face it, that small goldsmith, small trust or small Sharaf was helping him perform illegality. If not Mr. X then those guys will be targeted.  And if they had accounted their income there is no worry for them, i.e. if the goldsmith, the trust and the Sharaf had paid their taxes while receiving the amount from Mr. X they will not be answerable for deeds of Mr. X.
  12. Farmers’ problem. Yes, that is a problem. A real problem on which Kejriwal and Mamata could have spoken and make their point rather than explaining how people are facing difficulties standing in lines. On a bright side, here is an opportunity for state government to make pro-active schemes for farmers. Start your free seeds and free Urea schemes as much as you want and you will have something to promote about in 2019 Loksabha Elation.
    Everyone must agree that delay in Rabi sowing is gonna affect the farmers in the worse possible way. I am surprised, shocked and angry that Modi did not have plans for this.
  13. There is no labor who gets a daily wage of 500 or 1000. But still, there is indeed an inconvenience. After the 50 days limit when ATMs start giving as much money as you want this problem will automatically be solved. But the small guy has to suffer through this at least for 50 days
    Let’s hope for the most again. We cannot stop hoarding once and for all. But we must fight. We cannot and should not stop fighting in fear of losing.
  14. I am again not sure how this could have been more planned. Like the problem that the farmers are facing about Rabi Crops of this year, I do accept the real and solid problems and love to discuss the planning and listen to ‘would have..’ arguments. But sadly when I try to discuss all I have received so far is shut mouths and blank faces. I am sincerely requesting people to come forward and give suggestions.

    And one more…

  15. Demonetization in itself is not new for the world economy. Hitler made Germany ready for WW2 by similar actions. So Modi may be thinking a lot more than we think of. Of course not of WW3 but may be beating China for good in economic growth and poverty alleviation….

Curtesy :
Jay Umaretiya, 23, Bangalore

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata

Creators of constitutions did not believe in religious entities, then why would they select a song addressed to a god? Well, they didn’t.

Have you ever heard that rumor that Indian National anthem was selected as the most melodious national anthem by UNO? Well, readers must know that United Nations Organization never holds such kind of surveys or competitions, they got far more important things to do. So please never get excited because of such kind unreasonably stupid made-up ‘facts.’

There is another a bit older and highly spread rumor about our national anthem that it was written in the honor of King George the V. That seems true when someone goes out of limits to connect the dots between that king’s visit to India and adoption of it as our anthem. The controversy was tossed by an Anglo-Indian newspaper in Calcutta (December, 1911). The people who still believes in this age-old controversy needs to know that Gurudev Tagore has rejected this argument in harsh language. To quote his own statement, “I should only insult myself if I cared to answer those who consider me capable of such unbounded stupidity.” Link So readers must know that it is a song of a free nation even that it was written like 39 years before the freedom, it never represents or not at all celebrates a foreign king of unwanted rule. So please never get self-conscious because of such kind of unbound stupidity.

Now that we have made some charities about the anthem let’s try to understand true meaning and actual emotions attached to it. The anthem is not about getting exited or feeling self-conscious, it is all about a much longer lasting emotion – Pride!

I know that the reader know our anthem yet I am taking liberty to write it down.

जन गण मन अधिनायक जय हे, भारत भाग्य विधाता।
पंजाब सिन्ध गुजरात मराठा, द्रविड़ उत्कल बंग।
विंध्य हिमाचल यमुना गंगा, उच्छल जलधि तरंग।
तव शुभ नामे जागे, तव शुभ आशीष मागे।
गाहे तव जयगाथा।
जन गण मंगलदायक जय हे, भारत भाग्य विधाता।
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे, जय जय जय जय हे॥

Hindi version of this Bengali song is much similar to Sanskrit, so if you have basic knowledge of Sanskrit and Hindi, it is not hard to understand the true meaning of it. However if you are not good, the album named ‘Jaya Hay’ presented by Times of India will help you tremendously. I strongly recommend the readers to watch this on YouTube.

Gurudev Tagore once said he had addressed the god of destiny who have created fate of India. Her name awakes the entire nation and we all sing her ‘Jayagatha’. He writes victory forever to her.

But here is a powerful thought. Creators of constitutions did not believe in religious entities, then why would they select a song addressed to a god? Well, they didn’t. The motive behind this selection was never to pray a god to build our fate it was to address the true ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhatas’, the people of India, who were going to build fate of the nation. The song does not prey to but describes the ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’.

It is an appeal to the people to live up to that standards. We the people needs to be the creators of our own fate. We have been singing this song frequently from pre-schools, never bothered enough to know the purpose behind it. It is not about nationalism, freedom, certainly not a prayer to any God; it is all about being proud of those who freed, built and protected this nation for thousands of years. And it simply appeals us to be one of those high regarded souls.

Get ready for a long journey people, we got a nation to build.

A hundred Nachiketas


A visionary monk, Vivekananda, once said ‘Give me a hundred Nachiketas and I will rebuild this nation!’. It sounds like an underestimation of problems we are facing as a nation. A monk and his hundred Nachiketas (not disciples, he didn’t ask for disciples) can’t possibly rebuild a nation with so many short comings. But if we really think about it, it never needs more than a hundred people to lead a nation. French revolution, both the world wars, Chinese revolution of Maoism, our own freedom fight since 1905 to 1947, All these are paradigm shifting events in world history and none needed hundreds of leaders. The leaders just showed enough will to get to a better future and nations rallied behind them.

Construction of a nation is not a one time but a full-time job. It is not like once we set up the system, announce the policies, build enough infrastructure and people live happily ever after. No. It is a process. It must be continued. Take example of Russia. It was one of the first two super powers and was way ahead of the Status. But they stopped the process. It was ‘the sleepy rabbit and ongoing turtle’ story all over again.

And building a nation is not about Rallies and Dharnas and speeches and Sabhas. It is all about creating enough value in certain time period. We always forget the time factor. We cannot make a single simple thing a lifetime pledge. We need to complete one after one and we need to live a multipurpose life. We need to be the best at more than one thing. We need to go to the extra mile every single day. Because when we complete our job, we just make our personal future. We need to achieve more than that so whenever next time we look up to the sky, we can tell that monk ‘You wanted a hundred Nachiketas! Well, you got one here!’

As a human being we are products of immense investment. We have to live up to that investment. We have to be a best at what we do and we have to perform it every single day. The youth of India is already on mission mode to get things done and start more and more new things. You have to choose if you wanna get on board or not. And here is something about choice – You have freedom to choose whether you wanna get on board, but once you make the choice you don’t have that privilege anymore. Once you are on board just get ready for a long journey, we got a nation to build.

Being a Good Investment

When we are so busy blaming the system, sometimes we stop thinking about our part in the mission. Let’s try to put our selves under the microscope.

What is the problem with our education system?

I guess I used wrong ‘to be verb’ in the question. The question could have be ‘What are the problem with our education system?’

Hell! I would be one of the most uneducated persons to write about this. But what I may be good at is what is wrong with our students.

Whenever something bad happens, we start blaming and talk about changing the system. What we don’t talk about is substitute of the system when we replace it. Neither do we show enough courage to adopt the changes when we try to improve it (Talking about roll back FYUP movement). Government spends 4-5% of the GDP on our education. Which is second largest expense we do, after defense, and still certainly not enough. But it can’t be helped. After all we are a financially troubled nation.

Our focus is on primary education. Anganwadi and Mid-day-meal is going on to lure more and more children to the schools. But when it comes to higher education we are not even good enough. If we rule out prime institutes like IITs-IIMs, DU, BHU and JNU; quite frankly, we suck! Let’s not start discussing how glorious our past was with Nalnda, Takshashila and invention of zero and all that out dated stuffs. World is going on and on with binary (01010010101 001) guys. And that is not at all our invention. Our graduates are not ready for the real value creation. Job at call center is not creating value especially you are not in even the first tax slab of Rs. 250,000!

DU and JNU rightly take pride of its vibrant pool of active students. But as individuals, not many of those can take pride of keeping the momentum on. What happens after completing the graduation? I think the students just cease being the students. They be like we can’t act like bunch of collegians, it’s a real world out here. Well, it was never a fake world guys, it was always real. We blame the system for not being changed but as the students we change very fast. We don’t look bake to the problem. We don’t think of them as our old unsolved problems.

Of course we can’t go on hunger strikes out of the VC’s office or join the rallies of the north campus after completion of college years. We all have a career to make. Also it was never the right way, any way! It was just a larger scale of locking up ourselves in a closet when daddy didn’t buy us a toy. So grow up!

The thing that needs to be conveyed here is that we need to realize that as human beings, we are the product of immense investment. If we stop generating enough value we are just NPAs (Non-performing Assets) in other words we just become a bad investment. Nobody likes a bad investment. What we can do for the system outside the system is to make it financially liquid. We need to start giving money to the institutes. We know very well that most of our problems were just because of lack of funding. You wanna solve the problem, start funding. Stop being boys and girls guys. Be ladies and gentlemen.

It was only one teachers’ day when we celebrated the teaching. Don’t forget, all the other days were student’s days when the system celebrated learning. Revolution is nothing but a rapid evolution. Let’s make the system liquid enough to evolve fast. Let’s make a greatest career out side of the system and make truckloads of donations to our institutes but this time not for sake of admission but for the sake of reducing the frictions. As a product of immense investment it is our personal responsibility to make the best out of our selves. Harvest the maximum return possible from our selves. Let’s become high performing assets instead of just NPAs. Because we got a nation to build.